Elizabeth Nostedt

DTM, International Director, Region 10

Elizabeth is a Senior Project Manager at a major IT company in Sweden and works on strategic IT

and Business projects at her customers. She had led global teams on Global Projects for the past 25 years.

She is a long-term and dedicated Toastmaster, who started her Toastmasters career in Canada.  When she moved to Sweden, she did not find any Toastmasters groups, so she started one, and then several more.

She went on to serve as the District leader of Europe and led the District to be Number 3 in the world in KPI’s.

She is currently sitting on the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International as the International Director of Region 10 (Europe).

With Elizabeth’s experience as a leader in her work, and through Toastmasters, she has gained a lot of experience.

Today she will share with you some great ideas to give you “The Hidden Advantage”.  A recent Forbes Magazine

article cited market trends which pointed out the skills that will give you the Hidden Advantage when you are looking for a job,

going for a job interview or when your company is hiring people or considering people for promotion.

Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth. “The Hidden Advantage”