Burak Yüzgül

Chief People Officer

After receiving his BA degree in Business Administration from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Marmara University, İstanbul, Burak joined Eczacibasi-Baxter Human Resources Team. Acting as an HR Generalist, he took part in founding a new JV, RTS Renal Therapy Services, and implement/develop all HR processes including recruitment, performance management, payroll & administration and C&B. He joined Ak Emeklilik at 2007 as C&B Unit Manager just before the AvivaSA merger and took an active role in designing and implementing new JV’s HR Policies. After taking different managerial roles and responsibilities at AvivaSA, he has assigned as Head of People at 2015 and still responsible from leading People, Culture and Sustainability in AvivaSA. He took Board Membership responsibilities in different non-profit associations such as Peryön and European Mentoring and Coaching Council. ​

​Burak is married with one daughter. He likes listening and making music.​